"To die, to sleep.To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub,For in that sleep of death what dreams may comeWhen we have shuffled off this mortal coil,Must give us pause.”Never have words been more poignant or excruciatingly true. Yesterday, we lost a professor, father, doctor, friend, nanny, genie, captain, sergeant, alien, recluse, lover, family man, young old person, robot, Peter Pan and last but not least, icon. You will forever be missed #RobinWilliams

"To die, to sleep.
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.”

Never have words been more poignant or excruciatingly true. Yesterday, we lost a professor, father, doctor, friend, nanny, genie, captain, sergeant, alien, recluse, lover, family man, young old person, robot, Peter Pan and last but not least, icon. You will forever be missed #RobinWilliams

Unfortunately, my article that I wrote last week about @TillyandWilliam and @TheLadyJenn Bocian was erased. But I am no quitter and want you guys to know about the “Transformance” event so I’m rewriting my post.

At the hip downtown rooftop of DL aka Dinner on Ludlow on July 9th, Jenn Bocian and Tilly and William got ready to take the club goers, dancers, fashion industry and musicians to another level. The night started with free wine and banging club music but soon enough the place got serious with a fashion presentation that bordered on dance and voguing. 4 dancers including designers Jessica Lapidos and Thomas Barranca and the two dancers from their first show during F/W 13 stood in front of a screen of artsy landscapes. They slowly began to dance/pose demonstrating the versatility of the collection and proving the convertible quality of the clothes.

After Tilly and William took the stage, the lady of the night, Jenn Bocian, dressed head-to-toe in Tilly and William, hit it with her new single “Don’t Love You” from her first EP The Lady, Jenn Bocian. Her latest video inspired by 300 was projected on the side as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of her latest videos. With a voice like Gwen Stefani meets Leighton Meester, the single had a nice unique sound but the video took it to another place and was perfectly synced with the mood of the single.

After the performances, I had the opportunity to talk with Jessica Lapidos about Tilly and William and “their woman”. Jessica said she wanted to create clothing that had multiple functions where you could go from place to place and day to night easily. Where going out to dance from work isn’t a hassle. Inspired by dancers, Jessica and Tom designed the clothing to be flexible and to simply translate from high fashion to active wear. The base layers range from $75-175 with the more expensive Multiforamen and Uniforamen ranging from $200-$500 available in original prints. Check out their website for more information or shopping at www.tillyandwilliam.com.

Meeting Jenn Bocian, I found her incredibly sweet and personable. She had a glow and really felt comfortable in her Tilly and William skin (also known as the tube dress). Jenn was wearing a Wxyz necklace, adding a fun 3rd dimension to her outfit. She credited Darryl Lawrence, her producer, as her main inspiration for the direction of her album and even the tribute to the film 300 that her music video makes. Following her EP debut, Jenn Bocian hopes she will sign with a label and begin performing live more. The journey that she’s been on has been great because she loves meeting new people, having new memories and seeing new places. You can check out her new EP on her website www.JennBocian.com.

The night ended after my interviews but the party was still going. I hope these artists can collaborate again because I thought they worked really well together. 

Fourth of July in Cooperstown - Tradition

We are going to Cooperstown again for the Fourth of July! @SkimMilkProject and I are excited to get back to the fresh air, trees, lake and outdoor activities. Last year we had so much fun, we decided to make it a tradition but this year, it’s proving harder to get up there than we thought.

Train tickets are $200+, flights are $400 and buses well…let’s just say buses are a last resort. So instead, Alex and I looked into renting a car. It looks pretty good and we have the convenience of going whenever we want. Zipcar was our first choice and we have made it. So now we are going up to scenic Cooperstown on a road trip! It’s the perfect Fourth of July getaway (Baseball Hall of Fame)! Check out photos from last year below!!!

On the fashion and food side, the Fourth of July is well known for BBQ, fireworks, drinking and fashion (at least in the fashion community it is). Here’s some inspiration to enhance your Independence Day style!

Stars and Stripes forever

His and Her's Fourth of July Style
Fourth of July Cookout

This wasn’t exactly July 4th day but we had so much fun at the lake house!!!




Everybody enjoy your holiday weekend!!!!!

Breakups to Makeup - Mottos for the Beauty Goddess

Tuesday, June 17th I visited the oddball space of Salon de Lafayette, a venue that is clearly a chic hangout to be seen at night, however, in the brighter light of dusk, the Salon felt a little out of place with its vastness. The art represented in the club was an odd hinge between Modigliani and Rockwell. But that’s neither here nor there as I was there to check out the first birthday celebration of Breakups to Makeup.

Breakups to Makeup is an accessories and apparel line specially designed for beauty aficionados. Founder, Angelique Velez, after suffering what she described as a “rock bottom break up” decided that there was no use in sitting around sulking. She needed to find a light. An inspiration. It came to her in a dream, “Love Raised me, Lipstick Saved Me.” After graduating from U of Miami with a bachelors in psychology and a masters in art therapy from Hofstra, Velez became a freelance makeup artist and eventual director of career services at MUD (Make-Up Designory). Her heart and passion has always been in beauty so for her to create an accessories brand that expresses that love made sense.

And since the blistering heat of summer has begun, Velez launched her newest Breakups to Makeup line of crop tops and tanks stating, “Good Make Up Makes Bad Decisions” and “You Can’t Make Up With Us”. Her line also included inspirational makeup clutches, iphone cases and even pencils.

"I want my brand to be a creative outlet for women. To allow people to feel like themselves." ~ Angelique Velez

I feel like Angelique has conquered her goal! Can’t wait to see more from her and Breakups to Makeup. You can buy Breakups to Makeup products at breakupstomakeup.com.

P.S. The sponsors of the event had amazing products as well. Check out Rachel’s Cakepops with her delicious red velvet and oreo flavors. Also try Hiro’s gluten-free sake! 

ICFashion Flix: X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. Maleficent

Hello Chic-ers! Just 2 weeks ago and one week ago I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent. Both movies were incredible with great effects, good acting and plenty of awesome story. I’ll give a brief spoiler free synopsis of both movies.


X-Men: DoFP starts with an all-and-all out battle between the mutants and these adapting sentinels that can withstand any mutant power. As a last ditch effort, Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat (Ellen Page) sends Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back into the 70’s to stop Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from killing weapons expert Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) which is how Bolivar’s team was able to create adapting Sentinels. It turns into an epic situation where the X-men are both fighting for mutant lives and human lives.


Maleficent takes a page out of the Wicked playbook and creates a wonderful alteration from Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) is a benevolent (get the irony?) fairy who lives on the other side of the kingdom, the magical side. She falls in love with a social-climber human and finds that a broken heart can be more dangerous than anger.

Not only did these movies have amazing plots and acting, they also had some very cool costumes! Costume designers, Louise Mingenbach (DoFP) and Anna B. Sheppard (Maleficent) worked incredibly hard designing these totally different costumes but with fantastic details and design aesthetics.


DoFP requires 2 different decades to be represented as well as superhero designs. Mingenbach finds a common ground between both decades’ aesthetics creating a cohesive costuming for the movie that doesn’t feel odd or wrong. Maleficent's costumes allows the audience to view the progression from the character's youth and carefree life to the “wicked” and mean spirited older witch. With black being the primary color, Maleficent's fashion is almost severe with some soft accents like feathers. 

As I said before, I really enjoyed both movies. They were different but both movies found humor in the darkness of their characters as well as depth. 

Maleficent is even inspiring fashion shoots including my friend photographer, Linda Covello



So what do you think? Did you love X-Men: DoFP and Maleficent as much as I did? Are you only in to see the movies because of the costumes?

Jay-Z, Solange and Beyonce broke the internet yesterday. Nothing like family drama to wake me up from my posting coma.

Unfortunately, this video was a breach of the Standard Hotel’s security and someone is going to get severely punished for it.

People are saying that Beyonce should have done something. They are also saying that Solange went crazy. Well, to tell you the truth, no one knows what goes behind closed doors. The video shows an irate Solange and a passive Beyonce after the Met Ball. Jay-Z is just there, and it looks like he says something right before the attack occurs.

I’m sorry that Solange felt the need to resort to violence but there is always something more to a story. I hope their family can resolve their issues peacefully.

But on the main issue, Twitter. Twitter exploded with memes making fun of the family. Even I responded saying Solange kind of looked like Chun Li from Street Fighter. But the truth is, we should respect the family. Obviously there are some issues going on there. The video is now public knowledge, there is nothing we can do about it and I almost think that posting it would be a productive way to speak out about domestic violence. It is definitely a concerning video.

What do you think? Do you think people on twitter’s responses are funny or disrespectful? Do you think Solange was justified or do you think there some be some consequences?

So this video with @Daneyel_Sade is not a fashion video, but it is about something we are passionate and have a lot of opinions about. Interracial Dating!

Please check it out!


Check out my return to The DK show!

Join Danielle and myself on our journey through “Swirlyville” pondering why there is a need for the question, “What kind of black girl do white guys like?”

Danielle and I have a very important conversation about strength, love and obstacles.


AHHHH So Exciting! Join me and @Daneyel_Sade as we talk about Spring wedding trends on The DK Show!

This is not necessarily my first time hosting on a show, but it is my first time talking about fashion and hosting on Danielle’s fabulous show!!! It was so much fun to film and…well take a look for yourself!

I will be on The DK Show 2 more times to discuss, spring trends and shhh!!! *whispered* interracial dating…

Tune in and subscribe to her fantastic channel!

Last night was the 86th Annual Academy awards aka “The Oscars” and it was the most entertaining Oscars since Bill Murray’s last time hosting. Elle Degeneres hosted this year with great pop culture references, selfies and pizza.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of that because I don’t have cable or wifi but I caught up today! But a big congratulations to Steve McQueen who became the first black director with the first primarily black film to receive the Best Picture award! Milestones, people!

Let’s talk Oscars red carpet! My favorite looks are here! The Oscars had their own trends of pastels, nudes and whites but most of all, it had some great moments!

First up…Amy Adams
Amy Adams looked glamorous in a gorgeous strapless navy Gucci dress with what can be conceived as hip flaps? She also made the carpet a little bit more colorful.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie showed that a double mastectomy can’t slow her down with a beautiful embellished Elie Saab Haute Couture gown. Thank goodness Halle Berry brought Elie Saab to all of our attentions because he was the designer of the night!!!

Bradley Cooper
Ahhh Bradley Cooper. Looking fabulous in a traditional cut tuxedo by Tom Ford. I loved this look over his nomination/snub of last year’s Oscars.

Jared Leto
We can always count on Jared Leto sprucing up the men’s red carpet and he did not disappoint managing to make an odd combination of red, white and black Saint Laurent look dapper! Even with the hair, he couldn’t be stopped especially when he won best supporting actor!

Jennifer Lawrence
Phenomenal beauty Jennifer Lawrence once again made a gorgeous debut in a red Dior strapless (also with hip flaps) gown! She manages to wear red on a red carpet without getting washed out and somehow popping!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Hit Record host and creator, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked snazzy in a nicely tailored Calvin Klein tux. He accessorized the suit with his famous Hit Record button that happens to look great with everything!

Lupita Nyong’o
Princess of the night, Lupita Nyong’o, put Cinderella to shame in a stunning baby blue pastel Prada gown! She topped off the look with a “tiara” by Fred Leighton. After rooting for her all season and being almost stupefied by her beauty, this put me over the top! And her acceptance speech for winning best supporting actress brought everyone to tears, almost as much as her fairytale style!

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
McConaughey won his best actor award looking fantastic in a white Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo! He also donned the best accessory into the awards, his beautiful wife Camila Alves, wearing a Gabriela Cadena gown.

But the best trending accessory on the red carpet were the cheesy smiles. Thanks to Ellen Degeneres, we have the ultimate selfie with awesome actors’ chesire cat grins!

Congratulations to Lupita Nyong’o for her first Oscar win!

Couldn’t have deserved it more but I wish the nomination was for Best Actress!

(Source: chibstelford, via rodarte-quayles)

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