@IssaRae ‘s webseries The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl has taken the world by storm or at least my computer. I loved the series as soon as my best friend, @MissLioness6, told me about it! Literally, the character of J is my life story. So obviously in a long overdue post, I would like to take a look at J’s style and poise as the most loveable and awkward black girl.

For J’s date with White Jay, her best friend, Cece, erroneously tells her that when dressing for a date with a white guy, you have to go extremely casual. So J puts on a simple purple t shirt and khaki shorts. What I love about this outfit is while yes, it is casual, it can definitely be spruced up with accessories and not look nearly as casual. Bright chandelier earrings, bracelets, and a super cute hat would make this outfit comfortable and date perfect.

Here is Issa Rae in Edge Magazine looking gorgeous. I kind love everything about this look on her. Very Billie Holiday!

And my final favorite outfit from the episodes is appropriately the outfit in episode 12, the season finale. Here I felt like J finally has a sense of her self and her personal style. Here she uses color but not so much to be deemed overboard. The orange is a beautiful color for her skin tone, she looks luminescent with not too much makeup.

Now that I’ve dished and gushed over the series, I hope you take a look. A truly well done series and I’m really sad the season finale has come and gone. But now you won’t have to wait for each episode which is great!